Kemet Creative provides web design and internet marketing solutions for Kansas City businesses. We were founded on the idea that local businesses should be given the power to create a beautiful online presence that properly tells their story and reaches the people they intend to serve. 

Internet marketing

Kemet Creative can manage your email newsletter marketing campaigns, maintain your social media marketing efforts, and even supplement your business blogging efforts through sales-focused copywriting.

Web Design

We create bold, beautiful and responsive websites for companies of all sizes using the Squarespace platform. This guarantees easy maintenance and updating by you once we have completed the site.


Adding brains to your marketing brawn, with market research, competitor analysis, digital assessments, action plans, creative direction and campaign strategies we can assist you amp your visibility.


We are proud to call Kansas City our home. Our communities depend on the success our local coffee shops, grocery stores or boutiques and by providing a service that allows local businesses to truly shine we thus create a better, more forward thinking place to call home.



If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.