About Kemet Creative

Kemet Coleman founded Kemet Creative in 2015 with a burning passion for the advancement of the Kansas City area by providing creative marketing and design services. The self-described "interdisciplinary creative" openly exchanges between creative arts, urban studies, physical and social sciences to create innovative strategies to reach the often unreachable demographics. Kemet, also a local musician, gained a reputation as a bridge builder by using his musical prowess to address some of the area's most pressing municipal issues while maintaining and encouraging a youthful bravado in the process. This unconventional method is an appeal to a diverse and inter-generational demographic. Frequently cited for his partnership with the KC Streetcar Authority for his musical project, "Get Out (The Streetcar Song)", Kemet's ultimate goal is to awaken and empower city residents who aren't aware of their interests in municipal projects. Kemet attended the University of Missouri - Kansas City where he studied Urban Studies.