Kemet Creative


Urban Development

There’s a reason we are happier in places that are designed to be walkable, diverse and rich with character. I treat every project as if it will effect every human on earth. That’s why KC is committed to not only being good stewards of the community we serve but also to mother nature.


Every neighborhood deserves a good festival. It doesn’t matter how small or how large. KC will help take your dreams of fostering an inclusive community gathering that appeals to all walks of life and turn it in to a reality. From booking and managing to full on digital marketing, my team has a track record of success.


The country has prohibited the use of cannabis since the 1920s and has fooled us in to thinking it’s evil. Turns out, it’s not and, ironically, the government is starting to change its mind. This agricultural phenomenon will be finding its way in to your business. Let us connect you to the green rush.